V-Maritime is an eCMID Accredited Vessel Inspector and endorsed to performing inspections of the vessel types listed below:

  • General
  • DP Vessels
  • Pipe & Cable Laying Vessels
  • Marine Inspection of Small Workboats

Common Marine Inspections are carried out acc to the vessels' types and sizes by using the below documents

  • Common Marine Inspection Document, IMCA M149
  • Marine Inspection for Small Workboats (CMID MISW), IMCA M189

The CMID MISW, IMCA M189, follows the structure of IMCA M149, but is intended as a basic marine inspection standard for workboats which are used world-wide and are less than 500 gross tonnage and/or less than 50 metres in length and are therefore not required to have either an International Safety Management or an International Ship Security certificate.

Please contact V-Maritime for more details and information about CMID.

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