V-Maritime supplies a wide range of liners and flame-arresting/anti-polishing rings.

Below you find a short list of engine models, however, please don't hesitate to contact us for other makers and models, since we might be able to offer original as well as reconditioned parts

Please state the following information in your enquiry:

  • Maker
  • Type
  • Serial No
  • Output
  • RPM


When ordering e.g. MaK M32 liners or anti-polishing rings please remember to state the type in use, since there are 2 different types.

  • Liner with low collar and separate loose-fitted anti-polishing ring on top (obsolete model)
  • Liner with high collar and thin-walled anti-polsihing ring fitted inside the liner (actual model)

We are looking forward to receiving your enquiry.



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