We are able to provide Consultancy for many different Tasks and Operational Problems - quickly and effeciently!

Our extensive Network makes it possible to find the right Subcontractors world-wide regardless of whether we are talking about Electrical Engineering, Steel Works, Diesel Propulsion Systems, Machinery in General, Naval Architecture etc.

Below You'll find a few Examples of our Services:


Newbuildings & Conversions:

  • Review of Outline and Main Specifications
  • Guidance with Makers' List
  • Naval Architecture
  • Guidance and Drawing up of Specifications, e.g. Machinery Conversion from MDO Operation to IFO Operation

Operational Problems:

  • Engine Operation Troubleshooting
  • Fuel and Lube Troubleshooting
  • Deck Machinery Troubleshooting

Complete Repair & Conversion Packages:

  • Drawing up of Specification for Enquiry
  • Review and Comparison of Repair Offers
  • Supply of Spare Parts
  • Appointment of Yards and Ship's Agent
  • Arrangement of Class & Flag State Surveyors
  • Supervision
  • Negotiation of Yard Invoice
  • Documentation etc.

Voyage Repairs:

  • Machinery Overhauls like Aux. Engines, Pumps, Deck Cranes, Winches etc.
  • Steel Works
  • Hatch Covers like Hydraulic Rams, Running & Lifting Wheels, Control Valves etc
  • Pipings Works like Hydraulic Piping System for Hatch Covers, various Pipes in Engine Room Etc

Port Repairs:

  • Main Engine Repairs & Overhauls
  • Renewal/Repair of Flexible Couplings, e.g. Vulkan Couplings
  • Electrical Repairs & Services
  • Alternator Repairs & Overhauls
  • Crane Load Tests
  • Reduction Gearbox Repairs & Overhauls
  • Repairs of Stevedore Damages, e.g. Renewal of Container Sockets, Cell Guides and Ladders
  • Hatch Covers Repairs and Overhauls, e.g. Repair of Packing Grooves and Renewal of Seals

We are looking forward to receiving Your Enquiry. 

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